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What is melt and pour soap

There are many options out there for making melt and pour soap.  Frequently, this way of making soap is much easier, as well as safer, as it does not use lye.  Melt and pour soap can be so easy to do, it can be a fun activity to do with the kids!
When looking at making your own soap, there are many things to think about.  First, you will want to find what is called a base.  This is the part that you will be melting.  There are many types of bases out there, with different ingredients.  For example, you could choose a base with shea butter, goat milk, or even aloe vera.   You will also want to make sure you know if your base is colored, scented, or has other things like preservatives in it.  If you get a base for your melt and pour soap that does not have scents or colors, and you would like to add them, this is generally easy to do.
When adding a scent to your melt and pour soap, you will generally want to find a scented oil to add.  This makes the process very easy, as you are able to just add the oil to the soap when you melt it.  Adding color can be as easy as adding a colored dye.  Many times, you can find both scents and colors that are made specifically for soap making.
Making soaps at home can be a fun process for all involved.  Being able to use the product that you made with your own hands is an invaluable thing for many people today.


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